How to Photograph Bokeh

The effect of bokeh is to blur out the background and give a soft effect to your images. Works particularly well with lights. Some photographers say the technique is overrated but the result when photographed well can be a really effective technique.

If you have never shot this method before, below are some quick simple starter tips.

  • For Bokeh, the faster the lens the better, so go wide on your aperture such as f/2.8
  • Basically the technique is to focus on something in the foreground so with the wide aperture the background will be blurry and out of focus
  • The further the distance between your focus subject (if you choose to include one) to the background, the greater the effect. Plus decrease the distance between yourself and the focal subject


An example of Bokeh Images below including settings

ISO 100.  f/2.8.  1/50 sec

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