Top Ten Tips for budding Motorsport Photographers

Tips for those who may be interested in a career in Motorsport Photography :-

1. Learn your craft first. Know you camera, shoot in manual, understand the exposure triangle

2. Motorsport photography is not just taking a sharp photo (which in itself can be a challenge), its about telling a story through your photos and not just recording cars on race tracks. Look at capturing both the adrenalin and the emotion of the sport, go behind the scenes as well as on the track

3. Practice Practice Practice

4. Have goals, short term, medium term and long term – and be open to changing them

5. Be professional – start by having a great media kit with samples of your work
Photography is not just about taking photos, networking and getting to know people is vital.

6. Be unique – look at what others are doing and try a different approach, angle, corner on the track – otherwise you are just the same as everyone else

7. Be confident – even when you’re not

8. Under promise and over deliver

9. Always be friendly and positive

10. Most important – HAVE FUN. There is a reason we want these jobs, and it’s not about money or anything else other than a passion and love for the sport – don’t forget that!

Thinking Outside the Square

Isolating at home has been difficult for so many, including me. As a photographer, my passion is getting out and shooting models/fashion and content for brands and companies so being confined at home is like tying my hands behind my back.

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