Jules Ingall is a Gold Coast based photographer and content creator with over 20 years experience.  

From an early age, Jules knew she wanted to be a photographer.  It was her love of motorsport as a teenager that inspired her desire to combine her passion of motorsport with her love of photography and work towards a dream of being a Professional Photographer. 

Teaming up with her partner (Russell Ingall), at the time an aspiring Racing Car Driver, the pair travelled to Europe to follow their dreams.  It was to be a lifelong and perfect partnership that saw a 6 year stint overseas, extensive worldwide travel and experiences that not only developed and improved Jules’ photography but introduced her to a world of experiences and people that have given her a unique set of skills.

In the early part of her career, she faced the struggles of a female in a male dominated industry that was difficult to break into.  She used this adversity to not only grow personally, but a tool to now help mentor aspiring photographers on their journey through her role as “Champion” for Motorsport Australia working with the next Generation of female photographers in the Girls on Track program.

Crowned Asia Pacific/Choice Hotels “Australia’s next top Instagrammer” in 2016 was a turning point in Jules’ career taking her away from cars and into the world of travel.  She built up a social media presence with an engaged audience and a strong demand for her services. 

Prior to the pandemic, Jules’ main focus was working with Tourism Boards and Destinations to show off locations through her passion for photography and love of writing blogs.  She is a regular contributor to magazines and publications setting herself apart by not only providing inspiring images, but her background gave her the experience to accompany them with creative stories. 

For Jules, photography has never been a job, it’s her passion and her willingness to share her skills and secrets has seen her business thrive and grow.

Her love of people has moved her into diverse areas of photography from judging competitions, contributing to Getty Custom Content as well as hosting travel photography tours.  Most recently, Jules relishes the role of Admin for the Canon Collective Facebook Group with a goal of inspiring and creating a positive environment for all levels of photographers to share, grow and learn.   

To ensure that images are of the highest quality Jules has an enviable and extensive collection of professional camera apparatus from the top level Pro Canon equipment to drones and the latest Godox 600 Pro Studio Lighting.  This allows her to create excellent quality images for website and printing purposes, as well as social media, brochures etc.